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Maintenance (Weed Prevention and Mowing)

With our long Oklahoma growing season, weed prevention and mowing can feel like a never-ending job. Let ProTerra Landscapes keep your property beautiful all year long so you can enjoy the outdoor relaxation time you deserve. We provide a full range of lawn and landscape maintenance services for residential and commercial properties.

Mowing, Edging and Trimming

Whether your lawn is large or small, you can trust ProTerra Landscapes to maintain it with the same quality and attention to detail that we bring to all our landscaping services. If your property includes trees, hills, or other features that make mowing more difficult, we’re well equipped to meet those challenges. Our landscape experts use late model, well maintained equipment to keep your property looking its best all season long.

A well-trimmed lawn is essential, but the quality of the edging and trimming matters just as much. At ProTerra Landscapes, we take our time and make sure that the whole job meets our high standards.

While many mowing services offer only lawn care, our comprehensive approach to landscape management ensures consistency and quality for all your outdoor needs. ProTerra Landscapes can coordinate all the landscape maintenance services you require. You won’t have to juggle mowing, fertilization, and weed-control appointments with several different companies.

Weed Prevention

Without careful attention, it doesn’t take long for weeds to invade and compromise your landscaping investment. ProTerra Landscapes offers ongoing weed prevention and weed control as part of our full-service landscape maintenance services.

Not all weed-control products are alike. ProTerra Landscapes provides weed treatments that deliver proven results without breaking the bank or over-exposing your property to toxic chemicals. We work around your schedule to set up a weed prevention program that is convenient, safe, affordable, and most of all, effective.

Additional Custom Landscape Maintenance Services

ProTerra Landscapes works with each client individually to provide the landscape maintenance services you need. We offer fertilization, flowerbed maintenance, tree trimming, leaf removal, and much more.

Don’t spend another summer chained to yard work. Let ProTerra Landscapes create the mowing, weed control, and landscape maintenance plan that’s perfect for you.